What Does a Chula Vista Property Management Company Actually Do for Their Fee?

A lot of people ask us what exactly Chula Vista property management companies do in exchange for their management fees. On today’s blog, we’re walking you through a property manager’s role in caring for your rental property.

Documentation & Repairs

Property managers essentially step into the owner’s shoes in the absence of the owner. We will start by documenting the condition of the property. We’ll check for any pre-existing damage or necessary repairs to the home when we take it on. Then, we coordinate with our licensed and insured vendors to get the property in rent ready condition according to California law.

Advertising Your Rental Property

Once the property is ready for the market, we will advertise it. Many Chula Vista property management companies have access to a number of online websites, and that syndication of your ad will give the property maximum exposure. It’s important that you go further than putting up a yard sign or running an ad in the newspapers. Property managers know where potential tenants are searching, and they make sure your property is easy to find. People from all over the world can see your property on the different sites we use for advertising.

Dealing with Tenants

As applicants begin to express interest in renting your property, a good manager will screen all prospective tenants. We also coordinate showings, approve tenants and sign the lease on behalf of the owner. We collect security deposits, and once a tenant is in place, your property manager will collect rent on a monthly basis.

Each month, the owner will receive a detailed accounting statement with receipts and invoices for any expenses. At the end of the year, property managers will send out year-end statements as well as 1099 forms for your tax documentation. Throughout the duration of the tenancy, a property manager will take care of any maintenance and repair requests. We will coordinate the work with the appropriate vendors and make sure there is no lapse in income at the property. Property managers keep your investment property habitable and occupied. It’s also part of our job to stay up to date on current laws and new legislation that’s going to affect rental properties.

Chula Vista Property Management Fees in Chula VistaOwners can be anywhere in the world and know that their property is being looked after, advertised, shown and protected. If you’d like to hear more about professional property management services, please contact us at Elite Property Management.

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