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How Our Referral Program Works

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1. Refer a Client Below

We make it easy to send business our way. Simply fill out the form below with your client's contact details. 

2. We Get in Touch

We'll give the client a call and review our property management options with them. Be sure to let them know to expect our call in advance.

3. Receive a Commission

For every client who signs a property management contract, we'll give you 25% of the first month's rent as a thank you.


Why Refer Clients to Us?

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Never Lose a Customer

Referring your client to our team won't cause a lost future sale. Instead, when the client is ready to unload the property, we'll refer the sale back to you. Earn money now and later with our referral program.

Eliminate Unnecessary Liability

Are you familiar with the unique challenges of property management, including complicated subjects like insurance and renters rights. Don't give advice that could cause you problems—let us take the reigns.

Peace of Mind

Our written referral contract clearly outlines the expectations of our referral partnership—don't take our word for it, sign on the bottom line and know you're legally protected.

Safeguard your Reputation

Building a stellar reputation in the real estate industry takes years of hard work and dedication. Don't throw that away by partnering with a bad management firm. We'll work hard to keep your client happy & reflect positively on you.

You Get Paid

For every new client who chooses to work with our team, you'll receive a referral fee of 25% of the first month's rent. Those referral payments add up quickly! Why not add to your bottom line and keep your clients happy? Win-win.

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