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4 Signs I Chose the Wrong Property Management Company in Chula Vista

At Elite Property Management, we have a lot of property management clients who came to us from other property managers. They usually make the switch because they were not satisfied with the service they were receiving. Today, we’re discussing four signs that might tell you that you’ve chosen the wrong property management company in Chula Vista.


One of the main reasons people switch from one company to another is always a lack of communication. Open dialogue with your property manager is extremely important. Both the property owner and the property manager need to be able to share their expectations and maintain a relationship based on communication.

Late or Missing Payments

A major reason you might consider changing property management companies is that you are not receiving payments on a regular basis. That would be a big problem, and we are always surprised to hear horror stories about owners not looking at their account for a while, assuming the property manager is taking care of business, and then finding out the property has been vacant for months. Rental income should be consistent, and any time the property is vacant for longer than three weeks, you know something is going on.

Bills without Explanation

If you’re receiving exorbitant bills with no explanation, it’s a potential problem and a good reason to change companies. Always look deeper into these situations when you’re being charged for things you don’t understand. If the property manager in place cannot justify or show receipts for those expenses, that would be a big no-no and time for a change.

Customer Service

Make sure you’re getting the customer service you deserve. The property manager works for the owner. In essence, they should act as employees of the property owner. Property managers can advocate for tenants, but that’s not who the client is. Your property manager should be working to increase the value of your property and keep you out of legal trouble. Response time is also critical to good customer service. If you call a property management company before you’re even a customer and they don’t get back to you for several days, that’s a good indication of how they’ll treat you once you are a client.

Signs you chose the wrong property management company in chula vistaIf you think it’s time to switch property management companies, please contact us at Elite Property Management, and we’ll do everything we can to make the transition a smooth one.

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